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We know only too well that lots of people face lots challenges when trying to reduce their weight, including the all-too-common issue of ‘yo-yo’ dieting, or following the latest ‘fad’ diets, and even being sabotaged by their own habits & belief systems.

By providing 1-2-1 support, our programmes break the cycle of going “onto” and “off” of diets, and instead, helps to develop new eating habits for life.  


We introduce clients to techniques that allow them to recognise and break habits & thought processes that have prevented them achieving their goals in the past. 

We work on a 1-2-1 basis with our clients to help them develop a new way of thinking & eating that will enable you to shed the pounds and then, when you've reached your ideal weight, be able to maintain it too.

Our clients notice very positive effects on their health including, lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, sleeping better and regaining energy and healthier looking skin.

Our 14 Week Programme Will Cover...

  • The dangers of remaining overweight

  • Clear and simplified explanations of key physiological principles; why we put weight on, how the body deals with starch and the body’s response to when and how often we consume food

  • Food knowledge – an explanation of the different food groups and the importance of each to overall health; whole grain v refined products; which foods keep you fuller for longer

  • Effective meal plans and recipes

  • Snacks and eating out and about

  • Mindset and goal setting

  • Mindfulness

  • Activity & exercise and how to incorporate it into everyday life

  • Advice & guidance on maintaining weight loss for the long term

  • Bluetooth scales and targeted cookbooks are provided

We also actively encourage appointments to include other members of the family, particularly if the individual relies on others to meal plan, shop, cook or provide food.

So, What Are The Options?

All programmes are centred around an initial 14-week transformational period with 3 Package Options:

Monthly Payment Options Are Available - Please Ask for Details

* The Special Concession Package is available for clients on low income or affordability issues and offered on a completely personal trust basis, with no evidence required

Each programme comes with a 100% money back guarantee –

if, for ANY reason, you're not completely happy with the programme or the results, we’ll give you an unconditional, no-quibble full refund.

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