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A new way of eating...

 And a new way of thinking positively about food & losing weight

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 Man and woman cooking in front of a camera

Delicious Food Every Day...

And just to get your taste buds going...


Porridge​ with pears


Full-fat Greek yoghurt & fruit


Bacon, mushrooms & tomato fry-up


Chicken tray bake​ with chorizo & red peppers


Salmon parcel with green beans


Roasted vegetable pasta topped with mozzarella 


Greek salad​ with feta cheese, olives & red onion


Tuna lettuce wrap


A huge bowl of creamy mushroom soup


Hummus & veg sticks​


Strawberry, raspberry & blackberry bowl


Full fat greek yoghurt with berries


Mixed nuts

Happy Clients

"Just what I was looking for - not a diet, but something that I could believe would help me"

Gabi, 26

"I've always been overweight, and this is the first thing I've found where I was confident I would lose weight and keep it off"

David, 59

"Jacquie's got such a passion to help people, and that shone through to me the first time I spoke to her. I'm really excited about this lifestyle change"

Gemma, 29

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